Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rudee this weekend

Got out on the water and caught fish....the end.

Nah I can't leave it like that.  First day out I hit the water to find out that this will be the first day of the year without a dry suit or waders.  Water temps were in the low low 60s and comfortable.  Paddled over to the Cop Docks and found two blues pretty quickly.  The first was a smallish fish but over all fun to catch.  The second was a complete mess.  It looked to be 20ish inches long.  Fun fight pulling drag.  However when I got him up over my boat, the fish came unbuttoned.  Then the fish dropped to my deck and started flopping around, jaws a chomping WAY too close to my twig and berries, so I reach down and grab the tail to get him in control.  This just pisses him off more and he launches from my grip doing a triple back flip with a twist and does a perfect reentry into the water.

I fish a bit longer and nothing happens so I move on.  I paddle over to the grass island and run into Tom V and his friend Kevin who was on the water celebrating Kevin's first day of retirement.  We shoot the shit for a bit about various things and I move on.  I troll the grassline and get no love.  I start paddling out to the bridge when I run into LivTaYak.  We talk for a bit and he heads in.  I go out to the jetty since it is kinda calm out.  I fished out there for a bit but the wind starts kicking up and throwing me into the rocks so I figure it is a good time to get back in toward the bridge.  Once over to the bridge, I run into Matt and he and I fish the bridge.  We both got into the blues and Matt is just bailing fish right and left.  They really liked his gulps.  They were less interested in my crystal minnow, but I do manage several fish.  I would show pics of all of them, but damn, they are bluefish.  They all look just about the same:

After the bite settles down a little, we paddle back to the cop docks.  After a bit, Matt asks if I have pliers or could help him with something.  I paddle over to see what he needed help with.  Well he asks if I could get something out of his front hatch.  I pull up and lean in and almost vomit.  He had a bluefish from the week before in his hatch.  Suddenly the entire inlet smelled like week old rotten bluefish.  I hand Matt my pliers and say, "You can get that out yourself".  With little love and an emanating stench over there we paddle over to the grass line near the launch were we see a fella bowed over looking like he is having the time of his life.  We get over to him and it is Robert (RLee).  It was his maiden voyage in a yak and that was his first fish caught by yak. There is nothing like the joy of your first fish from a yak and I could see the smile on Robert's face.  Glad you got that first slime Robert.  We all fish that area for a bit and I get one fish over that way.  I can't remember if Matt got any.  We continue to fish for a bit but it seemed to die off and it was getting dark so we packed it in.  Good fishing with you fellas.

The rest of the weekend went a little like this.  Blow blow blow......blow harder.....blow blow blow.....paddle hard....skunk skunk skunk.....see Matt again, he's got fish.......paddle hard....blow blow blow.....Then see DV8 and Alissa, and someone with them (not sure who he was but seemed like a really good lad).  Did come across a bunch of these over by the bridge:

Thought those were supposed to give you good luck, but that must only work on land.

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