Saturday, July 2, 2011

Welcome Home Buddy!

On Independence Day weekend it is only fitting that I would get to fish with my buddy Mike.  Mike has spent the better part of the past two years stationed in Bahrain with the Navy.  He is finally back on US soil.  The outing was bitter sweet, because this is also the last time I will get to fish with him for at least a year as he is being stationed in Gulfport Mississippi.  It is with great appreciation for what they do that I thank Mike and every other soldier out there defending our nation.  However, this is not a blog about military appreciation so you are probably reading this for the fishing report of the day.

We hit the water at 8:00am and launched from Crab Creek at the Lynnhaven Inlet.  We ran into Wayne at the ramp and discussed strategies.  Wayne indicated that he was going to focus on the back side of the inlet and we were going to focus on the bridge and front part of the inlet.  With that we began to launch.  We made our way to the bridge, however the current was full on ripping through and we decided to fish the main channel of the inlet first and when the tide slowed up a bit we would hit the bridge in search of Tog, Sheepshead, and Flounder.   We began fishing the channel and had moderate luck with some flounder, but mainly were getting torn up by crabs.  After fishing a bit, we noticed that the tide was slacking up.  We headed out to the bridge.

We had our ammunition and were ready for battle. The fish stood no chance against our sharp hooks and tasty bait.

We fished the pilings for a bit but had no luck with the Tog or Sheep's.  We began to drift the outgoing tide for flounder but the best I could come up with was a bit over 15".  

While fishing for flounder, I started hearing what sounded like fish jumping right behind my boat.  Unfortunately we found out that it was not fish, but it was two very annoying shore fishermen who appeared to be intentionally trying to hit us.  We were nearly into the channel and they were heaving as hard as they can, then reeling back in as fast as possible then casting again.  They are lucky we were in good moods, or else we would have called the cops on them.  If you are out there and see them doing the same, feel free to call the cops and if I am out there and see it I will do the same and show the cops this photo. 

We decided to head back in and try the tennis courts as well as a few back coves.  Mike gave it his all but we were not getting much love from the fish.

We anchored up and took a breather and stood up for a bit.  I was able to scare up a little croaker, and then one rod doubled over.  The fight was on.  I got the fish to the top of the water and saw that it was a Ray.  Having not caught a big fish in a while, I had hoped to land this one, but it came unbuttoned.  

Mike had dropped a piece of mullet in the water and noticed that the Gudgeons were going crazy over the mullet.  He began to catch the Gudgeons by hand and ended up with about a dozen or two.  

We departed and began our trek back into the launch.  On the way back, Mike caught a nice little grunt right in the butt.  Anyone can catch a fish in it's lips, but it takes real talent to catch on in it's keister.  

After that we called it a day and headed back in.  I did get the opportunity to get a photo of Mike with one of his prized fish of the day.  

The hilarity of the day was not over though.  After Mike left to go get a new rack put on his truck, I continued loading up my gear.  As I was packing up, there were two young ladies getting ready to go paddle boarding.  As they were bending over getting their boards ready, there was a kid just coming in from a day on the water with his dad.  Watching him staring intently at the young ladies as they prepared their boards was priceless.  Unfortunately at the time, my camera was in my kayak and I was up near my car.  However, here are the ladies.

And here is the kid.  

I only wish I could have caught his pubescent gaze as he stared at them.  The funny thing is that the girls did notice and were giggling about it, but it didn't deter him from his gaze.  

All in all despite not getting much love from the fish, it was great getting back out with Mike.  I wish him luck in his new adventures in Mississippi and know that we will fish again.  I look forward to that day.


  1. Love it! Them there shore casting folk better be lucky they were not up in your neck of the woods. Things could have turned out differently if they did that to the wrong folk.

  2. No lie! We shoot first and ask questions later. :)