Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Weekend Day 2

Day one was such a blast, we decided to do it all over again.  This time we picked Rudee Inlet because there were reports of big croaker possibly making a showing and with Redfish eluding us, we decided that maybe we could pick up points for the bonus fish of the tourney.  This time the crew consisted of Trapper, J-Boogie, Bentpole, Agent VA, and myself.  Sure we could all have normal names like Jim, Jarred, Aubrey, Joe, and Thom, but where's the fun in that?  

As I approached the parking lot, Bentpole was there ready to hit the water.  He was nice enough to wait for a few moments until I unloaded and was ready to launch as well.  Now anyone who knows me knows that it takes more than a few moments for me to get my stuff together.  This shows that Bentpole has the patience of a saint to wait that long for me.  

After we launch, I begin a drift down the first shoreline and catch a flattie in my first cast.  This bodes poorly for the rest of the day because any angler knows, that if you catch a fish on your first cast, then you are screwed for the rest of the day.  

After I unload the potato chip sized flounder from my hook, I hear some chatter going on behind me.  I turn and see that Bentpole has befriended a young lady who was paddle boarding out toward the bridge. You can tell from her brisk stroke that she was indeed enamored by BP's charm and charisma.

We made our way out to the bridge and I get my lure stuck in one of the rocks beneath the bridge.  I ended up losing the lure and spent a bit of time getting myself set up again.  After tying on a new lure, I begin to paddle to the rest of the group.  I was oblivious to what was going on around me and JetSki Brian ( took this photo of me.  Thanks for the shot Brian.  

After getting set with the rest of the crew, I cast and immediately get hooked up with a 16.75" flounder.  Now at this point I am psyched because it was a bigger class of flounder than I had been catching the previous day and my hopes for a keeper were increased.  

After getting his good Juju from the swedish bikini paddle boarding team member, Bentpole started catching some flatties as well.  Having left his camera at home, I did the honors of documenting his catch for the AOTY race at  

The rest of the day was filled with dink fish and lots of sight seeing.  We paddled up into what is commonly known as Rich Man's Cove only to find that even the crabs were not biting.  We paddled back and decided to explore the creek leading back to Ocean Breeze fun park.  As I turn the corner in the creek, I run across Agent VA making it look easy.  He sure appears to know what he is doing.

We drift back to the aquarium and that is when the action heated up.  

Hey Trapper, um..... there are people in the aquarium who can see this spot.....oh and there are a ton of windows in that building.  

Agent VA gets bowed up and is fighting hard.....he will never land that, I don't think anyone has ever landed a citation sized sign pole.  

I finally get something to bite my line and it is only this fella.  He had somehow gotten all tangled up in my line (no where near the bait, for what it's worth).  He was released to annoy another angler on another day.

That concluded the day on the water.  After that, I ran back to the condo to shower and pack for the POL Monthly Meeting at Bluewater Seafood (  Below are pics from the meeting.  There was supposed to be an awards ceremony for the tournament but since no one caught qualifying fish, the awards were not to be.  Given that the money raised for the tourney goes to a charity of the winners choice, we gave the choice to the first person to step up to sponsor this tourney.  As a result, Mark Lozier from Marsh Works Lures has asked that the money raised get donated to the Tidewater Chapter of Heros on the Water (HOW).  I have already been in touch with Tom V from the Tidewater Chapter and have made the proper arrangements. This is a great cause and I am happy to have our procedes help this worthy charity.  For more information about HOW please visit their website at

While at the seafood market, I tried my best to add some points to the Angler Of The Year Race at POL!!!! Do you think they will think they are honest catches?

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