About Me

My name is Thom Mattauch, some call me BRB.  I have been an avid fisherman for most of my life, especially my adult life.  In the Mid 2000's I went on vacation with my family and we rented a couple of kayaks to paddle around the Albemarle Sound in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  I was immediately hooked (pun totally intended).  That same vacation I purchased my first kayak.  This thing was a beast.  It was named the Blue Whale.

The boat was a sit inside (or SINK) tandem Dagger Blackwater II.  While this is not the most suitable for kayak fishing, I did have it well rigged and it actually cut through the water like no ones business.  I did try to fish from it with my wife once or twice, but we quickly decided that it was a divorce in the making to try to fish from a tandem together.  After using that for the better part of a season, I was able to arrange to get a new kayak for my birthday.  This one never got named but was much better suited for kayak fishing.  It was a Wilderness Systems Ride 135.  This yak is amazing.  It is incredibly stable yet able to cut through the water like it's less stable cousins.  

She was a beautiful kayak until she sprung a leak by one of the scupper holes.  Fortunately WS is great about warranties and swapped the boat out for a 2010 model.  Her nickname is Sputnik.

Along the way I also was able to pick up a 2010 WS Commander 120.  This boat is in the process of being rigged for fishing.  It is a great and stable open kayak that works great on rivers and lakes.

My preference for fishing is in the saltwater, but I will venture into the more local freshwater haunts from time to time.  If I were to pick a favorite fish to target, it would be Red Drum, however I got a taste of fishing for Sheepshead last year and am dying to get on those fish again.  In all honesty, I am addicted to fishing so really any fish that I can get on the end of my hook gets my blood pumping.

If you have questions for me, feel free to contact me by email at fshn_brb@yahoo.com or on my facebook page at www.facebook.com/fshnbrb