Monday, July 18, 2011

Finally got dinner.......Rudee Inlet 7/17

After taking my son to his baseball practice, I decided to take a little jaunt out in Rudee Inlet.  The original plan was to hit Lynnhaven Inlet, but I ran into my buddy Joe who had just spent the day there and after his bleak report, I decided to change my venue.   I find my way over to the launch and get my gear out and ready in record time.  Once on the water, I throw out a line with a bucktail and gulp and troll my way out into the inlet.  In no time the rod doubles over and the fight is on.  Drag pulling, boat twisting and turning, and finally after an epic battle, I land this:

I thought I had a good size flounder but it ended up being a croaker.  How did this little fish put up that much fight?  I continued on my voyage.  

On my way out to the bridge and metal bulkhead, I run across a different kind of pirate boat.  

I am sure kids all around would love to ride on this boat, but the sounds of Capt. Morgan across the loudspeaker gave me a bit of a headache.  

I keep paddling and find my spot out by the bulkhead only to find out that when rigging the Commander120's anchor trolley, I missed one terribly important piece.....the cleat.  Oops.  Well thank goodness the current wasn't ripping and I could survive with the foot cleat.  As I was plopping my bucktail/gulp appetizer in and out of the water, I saw one charter coming in from what looked like a successful day on the water with what appears to be 9 marlin flags.

There appeared to be parade of the charters coming back in from their day's adventures.

If you are wondering why there are all these photos of the boats, and no fish porn, it is because there were no fish in that area to be caught.  After putting in some time at the bulkhead, I head back into the inlet in hopes of finding something to bend my rod.  As I was paddling back, I ran across this boat and had to take a photo.  

After that, I paddled up into the inlet.  Ran across Mike M. and chatted with him for a bit.  Seemed that he and I were tied with one fish each.  Then paddled back up to the docks and tossed a line or two and called it a day.  This is what my cooler looked like at the end of the day.

Looks impressive until you see how little the cooler is.  Ok so people keep wondering how this one little fish is dinner.  Well he will be broiled with some onion and margarine and then flaked over a salad.  I never said he was going to be a hearty dinner.  :)  

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