Tuesday, July 26, 2011

James River Blues

I am a bit delayed in posting this due to other obligations.  Anyway, last week I got a message from Rob Choi that he was taking his buddy Dorian out for Dorian's first adventure on a kayak and wanted to know if I wanted to join.  Having had little luck so far this year I figured it was worth it to go out and see what we could get into.  We arrived at the launch in 105 degree heat and proceeded to get our gear ready.  After some minor setbacks with gear malfunctions, we finally got to the river and were ready to go.  Rob gave Dorian a crash course in kayak technique and away we went.  Despite my lack of significant fish thus far this year, I was more hopeful that Dorian would hook up with something nice.  On the paddle out, Dorian pointed out one of the benefits of kayak fishing and that is the peaceful tranquility while being in such a beautiful area.  Thanks to him, we noticed what a beautiful sunset it was.

While paddling down we took a moment out for some photo op's before setting up in our first location.

We got set up in our first location and little action was happening.  We moved a few times before hearing that tell tale sound of a clicker going off as I look over and see Rob doubled over.  Well at least one of us got a fish.  The fish ended up being a mid 30's flathead.  A bit later, Rob is doubled up again, but he loses this fish at the boat.  Another nice fish though.  Then I hooked into a small blue cat.

It wasn't the big fish that I wanted but it was a fish nonetheless and I was happy to get a little slime.  Then it happened.  Dorian hooked up.  Now I am happy because when you take a newbie out on the water, the most important thing is to get them hooked up.  Dorian lands a nice little channel cat (it was getting dark and I couldn't get a look at it but there are pics up over at www.angling-addict.com).  

Finally I hear the clicker on one of my rods go off and I wait.  Then it goes off again and I wait.  Finally it goes off and starts screaming.  I engage the spool and the fight is on.  This is not the biggest fight I have ever had from a cat, but it was a good fight nonetheless.  After getting the fish to the boat only to be splashed by a tail slap a few times, I finally wear out the fish and get him beside the boat.  This is what I caught.

This blue cat measured in at 30" and was a blast.  After about 30 minutes of no action, we began our paddle back.  When we got to the shallows, we noticed tons of blue cats, flathead's, and a few big carp looming near the boulders.

Despite the 100 degree temps and bathwater warm water, the evening was great.  I am especially glad that Dorian was able to get his first fish from a kayak and hope that he will do it again soon.

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