Thursday, August 25, 2011

Product Review: YakAttack Park-n-pole!

A few weeks ago, I won a YakAttack Park-n-Pole from Hook1 (  Within a short few days, the Pole was delivered to my house.  Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was benched from flats fishing for a while.  However, last weekend I was able to get out and finally put this pole to it's test.  First things first, this pole is much lighter than other poles that I have seen.  Significantly lighter!!!  You would think that being that light, it would lose some of it's rigidity, but this is not the case.  This is a very solid pole.  There are features that are really great about the pole.  First of all the foot at the top is very comfortable and makes it easy to drive the pole into the sand.  When used as a push pole, it is wide enough to not dig into the bottom.  There are two notches on the foot of the pole which allows you to use the pole to grab anchor lines to bring them in. There is a hole in the center which I will be using in the future to allow me to push the pole into the sand but then tether further away from the pole itself by attaching a rope to the hole.  A final and incredible feature is that this pole floats.  One thing that I will be doing with mine is putting a couple of pieces of SOLAS tape near the grip so that in the event that my pole begins a float of its own, I will be able to easily see it in the water.  Also, I figure that even though I have my VisiCarbon Pro on the back of my yak, there is never too much visibile signals to other boaters.  My over all opinion is that once again YakAttack has hit the ball out of the park with another great design.  If you are looking for a Stakeout Pole, look no further and get one of these great poles from YakAttack ( or from Hook1 (

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