Monday, May 9, 2011

Product Review: Precision Pak CRatePak

I have been rather well known for my lack of organization as well as my general pack rat nature while on the water.  My new years resolution for kayaking involved changing this reputation.  After careful review of several products, I decided to give the CRatePak by Precision Pak a try.

First things first, the simplicity of the pack is really nice.  It goes over a standard 12"x12" crate and secures by 8 velcro straps.  There are no zippers to corrode.  The assembly was very easy.  Next challenge was to figure out what goes where.  On the two sides, there are two well sized pockets with velcro straps to secure your gear.  On one I put my top water bait tackle box.  On the other side I placed a few odds and ends that I need easy access to.  On the one side there is a place to store your knife.  This is really useful as it is within an easy arms reach for when I need it.  On the front is a slim pocket that I am using to keep my license handy and beside it is a pocket perfectly sized for my spool of flouro leader.  

There is a top flap that is secured by really strong velcro.  This will keep your gear safe in the unfortunate case of a turtle.  While I have yet to truly turtle, it could happen at an instant and I want my gear safe.  The center of the top flap is another pocket that I have several soft plastic baits as well as a couple frequently used tools stored.  This will make for easy access to many of my commonly used items.  Finally on the back there is a three rod holder secured by a backing board.  This will allow for three rods to easily be transported on my yak without using my trolling scotty mounts or other mounts which may get in the way of me reaching for my gear.  

There are four rings at the top corners of the pack which are used to either bungee your crate to the kayak, or to hang your tools off of.  I will be using them to bungee my crate to the pack.  Over all I am very pleased with the ease of assembly and the options for organization that the Precision Pak CRatePak offers me and would recommend it to anyone looking for a better organized experience on the water.  

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