Monday, May 9, 2011

Lynnhaven Fishing Report

Little BRB (Jake) had a double header in the late morning/early afternoon so I didn't get free until later.  After doing some errands dropping off things at DV8's house for next weekend's demo day, I finally made my way to Lynnhaven.  I launched and fishing the entrance to Crab Creek and back along the grass line and picked up a few short flounder.  Though the action was not great, it was fun getting a little pullage.

After a while I paddled over behind the little oyster bar near Chick's and tried for some pullage over there.  Unfortunately the only things biting over there were the gnats.  They were everywhere.  I didn't spend that much time over there as a result.  It was too bad because I love that spot.  Never catch too many fish over there, but it is just a nice place to paddle around.

I let the outgoing tide drift me out to the bridge.  Out there I got a couple of really tiny flatties, actually thought they were hogchokers becuase of how small they were.  The sun was setting and it was beautiful out there.  I ran into a fella named Cory who goes by the name Sandy that reported the same bout of undersized flounder.  Anyway, the sunset was beautiful, the weather was beautiful, and despite a lack of good fish, it was a great day on the water.

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