Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Non-fishing report

This past weekend would have been a fishing weekend by schedule, but I had something more important to do.  Gasp!!!!  Yes there is something more important than fishing.  This past weekend my son, Jake, got awarded Best All Around in Virginia Beach.  The day started off with Jake looking really sharp.

As we entered the Virginia Beach Convention Center, they handed us a pamphlet describing the awards ceremony as well as giving the program for the day.  

The stage was flanked with two screens projecting the winners of this years Best All Around.

The stage itself had a table filled with the trophies that would be distributed later that day.

The ceremony got underway.  There were two high school students who were acting as Co-MC's for the  ceremony.  They spoke about the history of the event and then turned the program over to an Urban Theater company.  The theater company put on a performance art piece speaking of to the horrors of bullying.  After the performance, lunch was served.  Not expecting much, I was amazed how good the food was at the Convention Center.  They treated us to salad greens, grilled BBQ chicken, fried fish, beef brisket, beans, veggies, and much much more.  After lunch, the mayor of Virginia beach got up to speak about the award and then to present the award winners with their trophy and certificate.  

27 children ranging from elementary school up to high school received awards and a few adults received awards.  Only two fourth graders received awards and Jake was one.  He was ecstatic about winning, and meeting the mayor.

Jake was presented with a really unique star trophy as well as a nice certificate of appreciation. 

I always knew he was a great kid but to have him recognized for citizenship at this level is something really special.  His mother, step-parents, grand parents, and all other family members are so proud of his accomplishment and he makes us proud every day.  

Now that could have been the end of the weekend but no, it was only the beginning.  I ended up having such a great weekend.  Jake and I spent time that afternoon and evening with my parents at the beach.  We had a great dinner and then spent a little time walking the boardwalk, listening to beach music, and having ice cream before the storms came.  

The next day the weather was predicted to be rather nasty.  However, that was not to be.  Jake and I decided to head up to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.  We made it our mission to ride all the rides we normally DON'T ride.  We had a blast.  Buddha defined nirvana as the perfect peace of the stat of mind that is free from craving, anger, and other afflicting states.  Had Buddha been with us this day, he would have simply taken a picture of the two of us and put it in the dictionary beside the word nirvana.  

So despite not fishing on my weekend, I could not have imagined a better way to spend the weekend.  I am fortunate, my son is also my best friend.  I do truly love being on the water.  It is one thing that brings true happiness to me.  However, there are few thing that make me not want to be on the water, and  spending time with Jake is one of those things.  

I will return soon with a fishing tale, but for now despite not having the tug on my line, I am as content as I could be.  I had a spot of heaven without being on the cerulean playground.  

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