Friday, November 20, 2009

The basics of what this blog is about

I decided to start a blog to assist those new to kayak fishing or at least those who are new to kayak fishing in Central and Southeast Virginia.  I am going to try to blog a few times a week on topics ranging from the basics to some rather specific topics that will hopefully help you get more out of your kayak fishing experience.

Each blog will be on a single topic.  It may be as simple as kayak selection, or detailed as what bait/lure to use when?  One thing that I will not be blogging about is specific locations to catch fish (honey holes).  I will give general descriptions, but it is in bad form to post up such information.  With that said, I have no problem taking people to these spots.  There are many ways to know when I am going on an excursion.  I will try to post up here.  But also I organize my trips on the Pirates of Lynnhaven Kayak Fishing Club's forums located at

One note, all of the information I share here is gathered from time I have spent on the water and knowledge I have gathered from others.  When I first got into kayak fishing, I could barely catch a Croaker on a double bottom rig, but now have moved up (only a little).  :)  So if you are reading this and see something that you have taught me, feel free to comment on it and take the credit.  I have no problem giving credit where credit is due.  

I hope you all enjoy this blog.

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